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Casing Pipes


Chemical properties – Non corrosive, ensures longer life cycle.
Physical properties – Lighter in weight than conventional metal pipes, easy handling, transportation and installation.
Economical – Lesser in cost than other alternates, cost of transportation, handling and installation is lesser, being lighter in weight no cranes, welding machines or diesel Genset are required for installation.
Longer life – Life cycle more than 30 years, saves replacement and replenishment costs.
Anti-corrosive & Non-conductive – Excellent life avoiding electro chemical reactions.
Ensuring water quality – uPVC doesn’t impart any colour, odour or taste.
Stiffness and strength – Excellent mechanical properties thus is capable of withstanding the hydraulic pressure the pipes are subjected to during construction of well.
Convenient and reliable – Provides easy and stronger joints. Tormac uPVC Casing pipes have traphezoidal threads which provides easy and strong joints. uPVC Screen pipes facilitate optimum performance & safety by keeping the the gravel pack & other foreign substances out of the well uPVC Screen pipes has horizontal slots which enables laminar flow into the well ensuring higher permeability & reducing well entrance losses, thus saving pumping energy and offer higher yields.