3″ Submersible Pump


Bore well Submersible Pump sets are powered by water filled, rewindable submersible which is made for continuous duty. The stator is wound with special water proof synthetic film insulated copper winding wires and made up of watt loss silicon steel laminations assembled under pressure and rigidly locked in stainless steel stator shell. T-Bolt & Thread type design in all motor ensures rigid construction. Open design of Impellers and diffusers offers best possible high efficiency in low voltage. Built-in check valve and pressure back flow and reduces the risk of water hammering.

Technical Information

Power Ranges 1 HP – 1.5 HP (1Ph)
Power Version Single Phase 220 – 240V
Frequency 50 HZ
Speed 2850 rpm
Duty Type S1 (Continuous)
Head Range 5- 126m
Nominal pump size in mm 1”, 1¼”
Maximum Flow rate 4.3 m3/hr
Degree of Protection IP – 58
Maximum Liquid temperature 33º C
Maximum Ambient temperature 40º C