Column Pipes



uPVC riser pipes are yet-another quality product from Tormac. To overcome the disadvantages of traditional galvanized iron pipes we at Tormac introduce new version of riser pipes in PVC specially designed for borehole submersible pumps. Besides making the installations hassle free the smooth surface of these pipes help greatly to reduce the friction loss. The locking system used while fixing couples with pipes and the square threads at both the ends ensure better load withstand capacity and rigidity.

Using suitable adopters, these pipes can be fixed with pumps having both BSP & NPT standard outlets. These pipes are available in different classes which can be selected based on the installation depth and recommend head and load withstanding capacities. As these pipes are anti-corrosive in nature and formulated with editable grade materials, highly recommend for installations, where the interest of hygiene is more.

Technical Information

Property Standard Unit
specific gravity 1.4 gms/ cm3
tensile strength as per ASTMD 1785 627 kg/cm2
flexural strength as per ASTMD 1785 647 kg/cm2
lzod impact strength as per ASTMD 1785 15 kg/cm2
charpy impact strength as per ASTMD 1785 17 kg/cm2
impact strength No Fracture
vicat softening temperature as per ASTMD 1525 87.3˚C
Installation depth in Meter Class A – 90-150,

Class A+-100-210,

Class B-160 – 300,

Class C – 260 – 350,

Class C+ – up to 350

Nominal Diameter in mm 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 125