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uPVC Riser Pipes

uPVC riser pipes are yet-another quality product from Tormac. To overcome the disadvantages of traditional Galvanised iron pipes we at Tormac introduced new version of riser pipes in PVC specially designed for borehole submersible pumps. Besides making the installations hassle free the smooth surface of these pipes help greatly to reduce the friction loss. the locking system used while fixing couplers with pipes and the square threads at both the ends ensure better load withstanding capacity and rigidity.

Using suitable adapters, these pipes can be fixed with pumps having both BSP & NPT standard outlets. these pipes are available in different classeswhich can be selected based on the installation depth and recommended head and load withstanding capacities. as these pipes are anti corrosive in nature and formulated with edible grade materilas, highly recommended for installations, where the interest of hygiene is more.

  • Anti Corrosive
  • Light weight and Longer life span.
  • No Electrolytic deposition & Prevents scale formation.
  • Specially designed Square threads, capable of withstanding heavy loads.
  • Water discharge is more by 10 to 30% when compared to steel pipes, due to smooth inner surface.
  • Low Installation cost and Maintenence free.
  • Withstands well with vagaries of weather conditions.
  • Special rubber seal is provided at the eand of threads to ensure 100% leak proof even at high pressure.
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