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4" Resin Filled Motors (Esteem Series)

Tormac Esteem series submersible motors ingeniously designed and developed employing latest engineering software, high - tech machineries and tools with the complement of cutting edge of technology for hardwearing and maintenance and free operations and to ensure relentless performance.

The electrical conditions such as voltage, frequency and the operating conditions are taken in to account designing the winding and cooling system. The profound experience of a company facilitate to meet out of the demanding technological challenges across the world. Tried and trusted indigenously improved design, combined with the most optimized efficiency in electromagnetic design exceptionally ensures trouble free performance. The integrated and most modern quality assurance systems used at every stage of production and flawless workmanship lead to sustained and consistent operation.

The stator is wound with high quality enamelled copper wire and the stator shell is filled diligently with epoxy resin. Allowing faster and greater heat dissipation the resin ensures longer motor life. The integral thermal protector and lightening arrestor protect the single phase motor from winding burnouts. Deionised water mixed with propylene glycol in proper ratio serves as a lubricant for the rotor, bushes and thrust bearing as well as coolant media of the motor.

These ESTEEM motors are provided with replaceable cable lead outs with integrated earthing system and watertight connector. A uniquely designed thrust bearing with high thrust capacity and good quality shaft seals are used to enhance the strength & durability. All single phase 3 wire motors are supplied with suitable control boxes.

All Tormac motors are produced in accordance with ISO 9001 standard and with NEMA standard mounting dimensions.

  • Public and Industrial Water supply
  • Sumps / Reservoirs.
  • Fire - Fighting Equipments.
  • Pressure Boosting Systems.
  • Irrigations and Fountains.
  • Water Treatment Plants.
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Agricultural Lands.
  • Stock Breeding, Laboratories.
  • Sprinkler Systems and Mining.

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